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. and just a few weeks for physical clef issues. with spending cuts. we have the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday. >> let the bulk of the congressional leadership. >> congressional leaders reached optimism levels of spending cuts and tax increases for next year. >> we have a very constructive president with the president to talk about the economic problems. >> with a cornerstone to work something out. >> they have been working common ground to bring in more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare but it is not that clear what lawmakers or when there will meet next. even if some progress is made a final deal could be a long ways away. >> we've rarely see it the white house and capitol hill make decisions, early. they seem to do better when they have a deadline. i would be pleasantly surprised to see a deal the merge, early but we will see. >> that was athena jones. tax hike and a steep spending cuts could take place next year. >> the saturday after thanksgiving is the time to celebrate small business saturday
-term ramifications. >> we should make a point here, these companies a not cutting back because of the fiscal cliff only, no, they are cutting back because with what they fear from president obama getting his way in terms of higher taxes. in determines of higher dividend taxes and higher taxes on just about every piece of the economy and i tell yo don't believe me, go out there and talk to them. they started cutting back way before this last week. >> i want to take this point. >> and this is the problem, the fiscal cliff is really bad, but the solution offered by president obama of massive taxes is not that good. >> julian, what do you make of that this this is just a pandora's box, and the beginning. the fiscal cliff, could have a short-term impact, but ultimately the trend of higher taxes that charlie's point, is what businesses are really afraid of? >> i totally disagree with that and i think the surveys of businesses have shown that to be wrong and i talked to-- >> whoa, whoa, what survey. >> can i finish the point, charlie. >> you just said survey. >> we'll come back. >> i think that businesse
understand where obama's in trend and comes from but nothing has changed. >> the issue is in the fiscal cliff discussion democrats appear willing to put entitlements and spending on the table. republicans saying they're willing to do tax revenue and that could be would be the key to any agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff and get the country's books back in order. gerri: you will be covering this for a long time. thanks for that. this black friday wal-mart shoppers think protests, it is not a superstore workers on the picket line. jeff flock joins us with more. jeff: a few of them but the majority were not wal-mart workers but members of other unions like the teamsters, the uaw, it was built today as a demonstration against the notion of working on thursday on thanksgiving. the day before black friday. but the protest when it came down to it wasn't so much about that. was against walmart's practice of paying minimum-wage, not giving workers enough money in their view and about work rules. that is what the actual protests came down to. it was organized by organizatio called our walmart, the s
weekend. >>> 38 days now before the fiscal cliff. lawmakers return to work monday trying to cut a deal. if congress and president obama fail to reach an agreement massive tax cuts and spending cuts automatically kick in january 1. anti-tax crusader slamming chambliss. he broke with norquist no tax break pledge. he cares more about his country than the pledge. >>> there were signs truce between israel and hamas is taking hold this weekend. palestinian sources say israel has eased restriction on gaza fishermen allowing them to go up to six miles from shore. the fishermen were restricted to three miles into the mediterranean. palestinian farmers resumed tending land. hamas official say egyptian and israeli officials are expected to meet monday to discuss details of that cease-fire. >>> to egypt now where what's happening makes well, the arab spring look like it never ended. we remember the crowds of demonstrators, protesters, a regime bent on consolidating and preserving its power. that was then. this is the scene right now. demonstrators are back spending the night in tahrir square. pres
. read between the lines for us here. the seiu, other labor groups had a meeting with president obama last week. can you gather what is talked about regarding the fiscal cliff? >> for what mary was saying, it really seemed like revenue was going to be a part of it. they are trying to stick from to the $250,000 threshold of the tax cuts. that is different from what happened in the 2010 lame-duck, when president obama compromised. it seems the approach is different this time. they're not going to cave on revenue. the republicans will really have to make some concessions on revenue in order for democrats to come to the table with any entitlement cuts at all. >> i thought she was very good at sticking to that talking point of prevent -- revenue and remaining firm. at the same time, i thought it was interesting that she never said the president assured us that ultimately he will not make these changes in entitlements. we talked about the cpi concept that was in the talks last year which cut social security benefits. know ultimately what the president will do. he does not report to us. my s
thanksgiving holiday. at the top of its agenda resuming talks with president obama to keep the country from flu jing off the fiscal cliff. let's bring in george stephanopoulos. >> congress has gone home to the districts, any optimism that cooler heads will prevail and we'll see movement toward a deal quickly? >> there are only five weeks left. everything has to happen before december 31st. the president has had his first meetings with the top congressional leaders. there's a fair amount of optimism that something will get done before the end of the year. maybe a down payment on deficit reduction combined with a commitment to hit the big numbers. >> in addition to the fiscal cliff, some big vacancies coming up in the president's cabinet the state department, the treasury, even the cia, the general petraeus scandal, three vacancies now. >> and there's likely to be more shuffling in the president's cabinet. the president has signaled is favorite likely to be u.n. ambassador susan rice for secretary of state, she's faced a lot of opposition in house this week, republicans signed a letter not to app
speaker boehner saying that he wants obama care on the table in the fiscal cliff negotiations in reality will that be on the table, obama care in. >> you know, this is a a genius move by republicans. they wanted to repeal obama care. they would have done it had mitt romney been elected and they can't do that. boehner has said repealing it entirely is a moot issue. but getting some concessions is probably the way to do it. in part because there are democrats who agree that changes should be made and even the president has said that it's not a perfect law. do the math. deduct it a little bit or make changes to republican care. you've got the workings of a grand compromise and everyone can walk away a winner by saying, look, we changed obama care, we're going to pay down the debt. who loses in that situation? certainly on the fringes people would say it's a bad deal but pretty much both parties could walk away and say we compromised and we fixed it. >> you want to write that up and send it up to the hill there? the other hot topic on "meet the press," the gaubenghazi attack t killed the amb
to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. obama talked about of the obama family, i want to wish everybody a very happy thanksgiving. for us, this is a day full of ta family, i want to wish everybody a very happy thanksgiving. for us, this is a day full of family and>> on behalf friends,d football. it is a date to fight the urge to take a nap, at least until after dinner. most of all, it is a time to give thanks for each other and for the bounty we enjoy in this country. that is important this year. we have just emerged from a campaign season that was passionate, noisy, and vital to our democracy. it also required us to make choices. sometimes that led us to focus on what sets us apart rather than ties us together. thanksgiving is a chance to put it all in perspective. to remember that, despite our differences, we are americans first and foremost. today we give thanks for blessings that are too rare in this world, the ability to spend time with the ones we love, to say what we want, worship as we please, note that there are men and women defending our freedom around the globe into book our
on the verge of a second obama term in office? the economy, the fiscal cliff talks, the president's priorities in the next four years. our roundtable is here. david brooks of "the new york times." msnbc's reverend al sharpton. former ceo of hewlett-packard carly fiorina >> historian and film maker ken burns. and nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. and we'll here from representative gregory meeks this morning as we check in on some of the hardest-hit victims of hurricane sandy and see how they offered thanks this weekend while surrounded by destruction. >>> from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press." with david gregory. >>> president obama doing his part for the economy over the weekend out holiday shopping as part of small business saturday, picking up several children's book at an independent bookstore iypÑarlington. >>> meanwhile, uncertainty in the middle east. more clashes in egypt over the weekend as police use tear gas this morning to disburse protesters in cairo. i want to start there. we have "new york tim
president obama was re-elected. i don't think it's his fault. but the perception that he would not be able to work with republican members of congress to avert the fiscal cliff has caused investors to run for the hills. take a look. at the s&p 500 over the past two weeks, s&p 500 probably resembles some of your investments. we don't know what might be included in a deal to raise revenue instead of raising tax rates. you're probably going to see taxes on the rich going up. it's giving investors the heebie jeebies. their instinct is to sell stocks. what are they worried about? concerns have a lot to do with the expiration of the bush tax cuts which could be painful for investors. capital gains taxes rise from 15% to 20% for most people who file taxes. taxes on dividends rise from 15% to your top income tax rate which could be depending how much you earn, as much as 39.6%. given that a lot of people rely on those dividends for their income, it's no surprise to see some of the highest dividend-yielding stocks get slammed in the past few weeks. take a look at some of those. but as i've been say
of the biggest domestic problems facing the u.s., and the fiscal cliff is so critical that some economists worry it could throw the country back into a recession if congress and the obama administration just can't make a deal. for many americans, the idea of a fiscal cliff is a hard one to wrap their brain around, but my next guest says the brain may be exactly what is needed get washington out of this whole mess. he is david rock, co-founder and author of "your brain at work." good morning. >> good morning to you, radi, good to be here with you. >> i have a lot to get through with you, but you say that our brains are inherently wired to categorize other people in one of two ways. in groups and out groups. can you explain what that means? >> absolutely. it's an inle function, and we see it in many other animals, including mammals as well. it's not just an american thing or western thing. it's very much a part of who we are, to decide if everyone we're speaking to is on our team or on another team. millions of years we lived in quite small communities so, we tend to only have a small number of pe
for meetings president obama held members of congress about the fiscal cliff. watch today at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. as the moral free discussion on for-profit and federal education policy. speakers from the bill and linda gates foundation and the department of education talking about the role of private enterprise in education. live coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> at the democratic mayor spoke conventional come of this rhetorical bluster peace making him a figure. four years later, without that speech, he is not a viable candidate for president. this is a beautiful testament to the mind of lincoln and, his speech. well worthy of praise. when barack obama gave his speech in to the court, he was running for the senate and one. abraham lincoln one of the senate -- ran for the senate and he lost. think about barack obama running for the presidency in 2008 if he had lost not if he had want that? that is the level of national security we're talking about here. >> profiler historic and modern leaders to show the lesson that can be learned: those who have the greatest
of the fiscal cliff but the president says america can steer clear. >> president barack obama: i believe it is solvable and my budget, frankly does it and i don't the republicans to adopt my budget, i recognize we have to compromise. compromise is hard. >> lou: more than a trillion-and-a-half dollars in tax hikes, no spenng cuts. tax hikes, no spenng cuts. what is the deal? so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy, because we give you choices. you can pick where to get your car fixed, we can cut you a check, or, at our service center, we take care of everything for you. [ relaxing music playing ] [ chuckles ] -whew, so many choices. -take your time. he service center. -okay. giving you choices -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ >> lou: well the president wants to raise taxes. by $1.6 trillion. that is his opening gambit. his initial bargaining position. on the fiscal cliff. he wants to that over the next decade. and, this is the kind of math i like, it works out to $160 billion per year, in taxes. republicans howlin
with president obama about keeping the country from plunging off the fiscal cliff into economic disaster. >> so let's bring in the host of abc's "this week" george stephanopoulos. good morning, sir. congress has gone home to the districts. is there any optimism that cooler heads will prevail and we'll see movement toward a deal quickly? >> there actually is. there are only five weeks left. everything has to happen before december 31st or everybody's taxes go up, and the spending cuts kick in. but the president has had his first meeting with the top congressional leaders. there's a fair amount of optimism that something will get done before the end of the year. not necessarily the whole big deal but maybe a down payment on deficit reduction combined with a commitment to hit the big numbers before the end of next year. >> in addition to the fiscal cliff, there's some big vak kis coming up in the president's cabinet, as well. we have the state department, we have treasury. those two we expected, even the cia now, the general petraeus scandal, three vacancies. >> three big ones at least and there's
, it will not happen. >> paul: remember that? president obama in the third debate with mitt romney promising to sequester those across the board cuts to spending to kick in january 1st will not happen. and to avoid the fiscal cliff, sequestration is on the table, and some think-- and okay, james, so, 500 billion dollars in defense already built in to cut. then sequester would cut another 500 billion over ten years, and why should republicans go along with that? >> because, this is really their only leverage on president obama, and i think that as congressman jordan has said, the only thing worse than a defense cut is no cut at all. what you get with the sequester is defense, but also cuts in the social-- >> another 500 billion dollars in domestic discretionary, too. >> right, and it adds up to about 100 billion in 2013. i think you will find that president obama will go a long way to avoid those roughly 44 billion in cuts this year, to social programs and i think if you want to get a deal out of him with meaningful reform on spending or tacks, this is, this is the key leverage point and if i
pass this. we will not have to suffer for the fiscal cliff if only they realized that president obama has won, he cannot run again. why do they not just sit down together and let this happen? that is the bottom line. they are sore losers. that is the bottom line. i t was so very much. host: one of our callers has called in and talked about states and how it would be specifically affected. this study from pew points out -- here are states that would be effective because of total federal spending next to them on procurements salaries and wages as a percentage of their state gdp. they include maryland, virginia, d.c. hawaii, alaska, new mexico, and kentucky. did you see those that would be less effected which are michigan, oregon, minnesota, and delaware. it could reduce the state personal income and the sales tax revenues and increased demand for state-funded income support programs. the effects on states would vary depending on how much they benefit from that money. total federal spending on procurement salaries and wages equal 20% of the combined gdp of the washington, d.c. area, mary
for a moment. near ago critical moment in washington as president obama gears up for a new round of talks with congressional leaders over the fiscal cliff. lawmakers are running out of time to strewniike a deal to av across the board spending cuts and major tax hikes. what will it take for both sides to reach a compromise. here is washington times columnist. >> let's start here. yesterday was small business saturday. should we fall off this fiscal cliff how would it effect the small businesses in this country? >> well, i think right now, ar they will. that's t -- arthel that's the big question. most have no idea what they are facing. if all of the bush tax cuts do expire as they are slated to do then small business owners would be looking at massive tax hikes across the boards. right now they are filling out their budgets for the following year doing something congress has not been able to do in years. but they are filling out their budget. if they think they are facing a huge tax hike, what they are going to do is they are not going to hire people. they are going to lay people off. we ha
. >>> president obama will meet with congressional leaders to discuss the looming fiscal cliff according to jay carney, he says everyone expressed a desire to hammer out and agreement but no details about the negotiation so far. >>> the producer of dallas will give jr ewing a proper sentoff. they're working on a way to write the character off the show after larry hagman's death on friday. he's filmed 15 episodes of the new season. >>> a new development suggests it might not last for long. >> shannon, it seems new iranian weapons could be on the way to gaza. the sunday sometimes of london reports a israeli spy satellite spotted an amount of cargo loaded onto a ship in iran containing rockets that militants in gaza use to fire at tel aviv as well as jerusalem, the israel military is believed to have destroyed a significant amount of the stockpiles. the report says the weapons shipment will likely be escorted by a iranian war shim. israel says it will destroy any weapons headed to gaza. the paper says the cargo ship might contain long range ballistic missiles. workers in gaza are rebuilding smuggl
: the approaching fiscal cliff could hurt out of the work americans. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders to reach an agreement. but a deal could mean higher taxes for small business owners and a hiring freeze. and now, reporting from washington, dc, from peter. >>peter: republicans and democrats alike think closing loopholes to raise revenue is a good idea but republicans are resisting the idea that increasing tax rates on the wealthy will steer the country away from the fiscal cliff but the democrats insist it will. >> i am opposed to raising tax rates but i do believe we can close a lot of loopholes. >> they have to go up real tax rates or effective tax rates. second, though, we have to close some significant loopholes. >> republican senator graham is okay with new revenue and willing to cap deductions but only if democrats agree to reform entitlements such as social security and medicare. >> i don't expect the democrats to go for premium support or voucher plan but i do expect them to adjust the entitlement programs before necessity bankrupt the country. >> some entitlement re
with alex witt."" >> in washington, a preview of where we stand in terms of the fiscal cliff. >>> how much does president obama need to achieve in terms of greatness? >>> plus, black friday. one writer says it's way overhyped. >>> and the salvation army kettle. it's part of my twitter question. we'll look ahead to that in ten minutes or so. >> thank you. they are right outside where we work. there's a sort of enthusiasm around them. >> there is. it's good. >>> my footnote is next and it's on the passing of the civil rights legend. no, not that, not here! [ male announcer ] antacids don't relieve gas. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. gas-x. the gas xperts. gas-x is designed to relieve gas. is bigger than we think ... sometimelike the flu.fer from with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and childr
the fiscal cliff. we are updated as lawmakers return to washington this week from their holiday break. >> reporter: after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday,. >> i want to welcome the congressional leadership here. >> reporter: congressional leaders expressed optimism to reaching more in tax increases and that is to take effect next year. >> constructive meeting with the president to talk about america's physical problem. >> we have the cornerstones of being able to work something out. >> reporter: they have been working behind the scenes to find common ground. the sticking points how to bring in more tax revenue and reduce spending on programs like medicare. but it is not yet clear when the lawmakers and the president will meet next. even if some progress is made this week. a final deal can be a long way off. >> we rarely see the hill and the white house make decisions early. they tend to do better when they have a deadline. i would be pleasantly surprised to see it, a deal emerge earlier than the end of the year. but we will see. >>> that was athena jones r
and myself who are worried about the so-called fiscal cliff. lawmakers are returning to work in washington and they have just 37 days i believe it is now. there you can see. it's a daunting task if president obama and congress fail to reach a tax deal because that will mean huge tax increases and spending cuts would automatically kick in january 1st. today several key republicans backed away from a pledge banning tax hikes including senator lindsey graham and congressman peter king. are we inching closer to some potential compromise. athena joan has been following the fiscal cliff negotiations. >> martin, with congress returning this weekend, not much public evidence of any real progress on a deal the avoid the fiscal cliff. folks here in washington are wondering if this week will prove a turning point for republicans and democrats. members of congress expressed optimism sunday about the prospects for reaching a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. a series of tax increases and spending cuts next year that could do serious damage to the economy. they also sounded warnings. >> we can and must ge
and partisanship and that fever has broken. i think grover norquist sell by date has passed. and obama has already put entitlement reforms on the table in his private negotiations with boehner a year ago, and i think that we're going to get a deal. we may go over the cliff for a week or two weeks or whatever, but i'm optimistic there's going to be a deal. >> there's some talk that going over the cliff wouldn't be the worst thing in the world because at least for republicans everyone's taxes would have gone up without a vote and they're voting to cut taxes. >> the president's leverage goes up closer to that date, george. exactly because the taxes all go up, at that moment, then he's just negotiating about how much to cut them back down and i suspect that as they get closer to the date the republicans are going to look at the president's leverage post-january 1 and think they may not want to go that way. there's a second element that comes into this which is that once you're past that date, it's very bad for the markets as matt said, but it may not be an immediate effect on the economy. yes, there a
deadline for this fiscal cliff? what are the real consequences of not getting a deal done? >> well, there are a couple of deadlines. the deadline for the expiration of the bush i've era tax cuts, the obama tax cuts that help the economy, and the deficit. raising the ceiling on the debt. my feeing is they probably can go past january 1 but not far past it. and still not fall off the cliff. around january 15th. >> so now if there are to be some real groundwork laid by congress as they return after the holiday weekend, what really needs to get done, if we look at over the next six weeks, even though you say we've got past january 1, what should they try to accomplish this week? >> well, i think they need to start to spell out spending cuts. i mean, the president has made clear what he wanted in the way of additional revenue and there are a couple of different ways of getting there. now the president has to talk about the spending cuts that he is willing to accept. he needs to give republicans cover to come on board. right now, the list of republicans that are willing to come on board
't realize quite now frightening hitting the fiscal cliff is. and in fact, the cbo says it would thrust us into another recession. >> here is jonathan earlier on "fox & friends." take a listen. >> obama believes that the rich has to pay for his entitlement spending and the result is of course more redistribution and less wealth, less production and when the time comes, the economy is so weak he'll blame the rich of course. i think they're standing on the wrong principles and that's that soft spending and control creates wealth and we know it doesn't and that seems to be the direction that at least many on the left want to bring us down. >> you heard what side he's on. and else's on the side of not increasing taxes. but they have to find some common ground though it's hard to see what that will be today. >> well, it's going to be a courageous time for john boehner, does he hold down? he's one guy you want want to be right now. even if he's in a deal he's going to want to have him out. >> he's he been on conference calls with every member of the republican caucus and had to lay this out for
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)